Who We Are

Until now, families in Tulsa have lacked a permanent diaper solution to free them of the financial burden posed by diapers.

Permanent Diaper Relief, Inc. (PDR) is a non-profit organization with sustainability and security at the top of its core values. Children need the right resources from day one in order to be successful in growth and development, and we are pleased to be one of those resources for our community.

Our History

Permanent Diaper Relief, Inc. was founded in 2020 after the COVID-19 pandemic encouraged founder Madelaine Martin to begin donating diapers to families in crisis. She began donating 10 cloth diapers to each child in need, which is the equivalent to one day’s worth of diaper changes plus one small load of laundry per night.

Within three weeks, Martin had donated 400 diapers to babies in need. The diaper donations were made possible by generous contributions, both in kind and monetary, from the community. Martin realized she could help even more families in crisis by incorporating a nonprofit in the area. Now, it is the organization’s mission to provide permanent diaper relief to families in both situational and financial hardships.

What We Do

Diaper Assistance. PDR’s first step in providing a permanent diaper solution is to donate 40 cloth diapers, per baby, to families in need.

Cleaning Service. Once a family receives diapers, they are offered an opportunity to use PDR’s cloth diaper cleaning service or to use PDR’s laundry facility, which will be on a free to sliding-scale fee and determined by monthly income.

Diaper Rentals. Can you say brand-new diapers at a fraction of the retail cost?
Choose from three different types and styles, mix and match how you’d like, and even pick your own prints. Use your diapers for as long you need, for as many babies as you need, for just $10 per month. When you’re finished using them, you can rest easy knowing your gently used diapers will be used by another family through our diaper assistance program.

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