Diaper Assistance

Providing permanent diaper solutions to support your child until toilet training.

Diaper Assistance Options

Emergency Diaper Assistance
I need diapers ASAP

  • 10 reusable diapers and a wet bag
  • Enough for one day of diaper changes + one small load of laundry
  • Receive diapers within 1-2 business days of application
  • Requirement: proof of child

Permanent Diaper Assistance
I would like enough pre-loved diapers to get me through potty training.

  • 40 free reusable diapers, one reusable diaper bag, wipes (if available).
  • Enough diapers to last one week of diaper changes + one load of laundry
  • Income-based diaper service ($0-10 per week)
  • Receive diapers within 1-5 business days
  • Requirements: proof of child, proof of income (or proof of unemployment), proof of residency, consultation with PDR representative.

Two Months of Free Diaper Service
I would like to try the diaper service free for two months.

  • Register for service
  • Give a $1+ donation
  • Receive your diapers within 2 weeks of registration
  • Take your time gathering the required documents for your income-based service fee.

Contact us: (501) 291-0423 or info@permanentdiaperrelief.org

Still unsure of how diaper assistance works? Book a meeting with a consultation to learn more

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