Diaper Rentals

Cloth diapers that don't break the bank. With our cloth diaper rentals, you can pay a fraction of the retail value for your brand new diapers.

We know you'll feel good supporting your community while renting from us, too!

Organic Diaper Rentals

Rent new, organic all in one diapers manufactured by a USA brand, Thirsties. These diapers mimic disposables because they are single-use: your baby wears them once, and then the soiled diaper goes right into your laundry bag!

A healthy option for Mother Earth and baby! Rent your diapers below!

How it Works

  1. Decide whether you’d like to wash your diapers yourself, or whether you’d like to utilize our drop-off diaper service. 
  2. Choose your type: newborn or one-size (or both)
  3. Order your diaper quantities in our ordering form at the top of the page
  4. Receive your diapers within a week and pay just $10 per month to hold onto them (a tax-deductible rental fee).

Not sure what you need, or confused about how to get what you need? Schedule a consultation here

How it Works


Newborn Diaper Options

Newborn Diaper Options

1. Pre-loved Newborn Rentals: These newborn rentals are $10 a month and include 60-80 newborn diapers in your diaper stash. If you are renting one-size diapers from PDR as well, this $10 fee is included in your one-size diaper rental

2. NEW Newborn Rentals: You can rent brand new newborn diapers for wholesale cost + the $10/month rental fee. Once you’re done using them, you can either give them back to PDR, or you can hold onto them for the next baby.


One-Size Diaper Options


  • Mimics a disposable because they are single-use.
  • Use them once and throw them into your reusable dirty diaper bag.
  • Your one-size all in one diapers will fit from 8 pounds to toilet training (roughly 36 pounds).
  • Wash them yourself, or utilize our drop-off diaper service


  • at-cost + $10/ month

Recommended diaper quantities:

  • For diaper service:
    • Full time: 40-50 diapers
    • 50-50 cloth/ disposable: 20-30 diapers
  • For home laundering:
    • full time: 40-50 with laundering once per week, 20-30 for laundering twice per week
    • 50-50 cloth/ disposable: 20-30 laundering once per week, 15-20 laundering twice per week

How to order:

We’ve provided an order form at the top of this page for simple ordering. 


One-Size Diaper Rentals



  • Reusable dirty diaper bags (pail liners)
  • Reusable travel dirty diaper bags (wet bags)
  • Cloth wipes
  • Included in your $10/ month diaper rental (after initial fees).

Our Give-Back Program

We rent diapers rather than sell them for two reasons:


  1. Finances. We know the initial investment for new cloth diapers can be overwhelming, so we cut the up-front cost, providing you with 0% mark-up.
  2. Our give back program. Diaper rentals ensure your diapers are put back into our hands after you’re finished using them. We are able to transfer your pre-loved diapers to our Diaper Support program, where families who cannot afford the initial investment of cloth diapers can receive them at zero cost.
Interested in applying for our diaper support? Check out our program:

Our Give-Back Program

Supporting our local families

We support local families to ensure a safe, nurturing, healthy environment for now and for the future.

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