Diaper Service

I already have my diapers and I would like PDR to wash and dry them

  • $40-80 per month
  • Basic diaper prepping (sorting inserts, covers, diapers, wipes, etc.)
  • Pick-up twice per week
  • Requirement: must label diapers and accessories with first, middle, last initial (ex: XYZ) with Tulip fabric paint prior to beginning service.
    • Recommended: label on outside tag.
  • Requirement: must have two pail liners, or two large wet bags.

Diapers + Cleaning
I do not have my own diapers; I would like to use PDR’s provided covers + flats

  • 4 new covers, 40 up-cycled cotton diapers, 20 up-cycled wipes, 1 travel diaper bag, 1 reusable dirty diaper bag
  • pick-up once per week
  • $80 one-time sign-up fee, per child
  • $40 per month service fee, per household
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