Permanent Diaper Relief understands emergency situations arise. Fill out the simple application below and receive 10 reusable diapers, per baby, within 24 hours.

About our Emergency Diaper Assistance:

  • 10 reusable diapers = 1 – 1.5 days worth of diaper changes.
  • Keep your diapers and wash them at home, OR
  • Arrange for pick-up of your dirty diapers within one week.
  • Please text a photo with proof of child(ren) to 501-291-0423 after completing the application (social security card, birth certificate, etc.).
  • Note: You may only utilize PDR’s Emergency Diaper Assistance twice before you are required to complete the Permanent Diaper Assistance Application.
  • Ideal for families gathering documents for the Permanent Diaper Assistance Application, but who need diapers fast.



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