Q: Is Permanent Diaper Relief a 501(c)(3) (tax-deductible) organization?

A: Yes.

Q: Can I donate my pre-loved stash?

A: Yes! We graciously invite any family to donate their pre-loved stash to PDR.

Q: How do I know if I qualify for diaper assistance?

A: Anyone in the state of Oklahoma qualifies for diaper assistance. While you are required to provide proof of income, proof of residency, and proof of child, no one will be turned away from our Permanent Diaper Assistance program.

Q: What do I receive in the Permanent Diaper Assistance package?

A: Every recipient of the Permanent Diaper Assistance package receives 40 reusable diapers and a reusable diaper bag. Depending on availability, a recipient may also receive reusable wipes and a travel diaper bag, but these items are on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Q: Who is eligible for Permanent Diaper Relief’s diaper cleaning service?

A: Any resident of Tulsa county is eligible for diaper service. You may qualify for diaper service if you are outside of Tulsa County and agree to pick up your clean diapers on-site at least once a week.

Q: Is your diaper service free?

A: Not always, but it could be. Your service fee is dependent on your income and number of service days per week. Service price ranges from $0 to $20 per week.

Q: I want diapers that are most like disposables, but I can’t afford the up-front cost of new ones. How can I go about receiving these diapers on my budget?

A: You can receive 40 free diapers through our Diaper Assistance Program. Single-use reusable diapers (pocket diapers and all-in-ones, most like disposables) aren’t promised when you apply for diaper assistance, but you can certainly request them during your consultation. We’ll do our best to accommodate you based on our current inventory.

Q: Can I receive single-use reusable diapers through diaper assistance and still have you wash my diapers?

A: Short answer: yes. However, once a week service ($0-10 per week, depending on income and family size) requires 80 single-use reusable diapers, and you only receive 40 through diaper assistance. The only way you will be able to efficiently use our diaper service with single-use diapers is with our twice a week service, which can cost you anywhere from $0-20 per week depending on income and family size.

Q: How do you clean the diapers in your diaper service?

A: we have an industrial washer and dryer with automatically dispensed chemicals.

Q: What chemicals do you use to clean the diapers in your diaper service?

A: We use an enzymatic detergent, an oxygen bleach, and a pH neutralizer.

Q: Do I need to do anything with the poop if using your diaper service?

A: No. Please do not attempt to rinse the poop off of your diapers. All you need to do is place your soiled diaper into the provided diaper bag; we will do the rest.

Q: How do I use the flats/pre-folds and covers given to me in my diaper bag?

A: Please refer to the videos below. While these videos are specifically describing the Thirsties Duo Hemp pre-fold and the Thirsties Duo Wrap, the tutorial is a great tool for any type of pre-fold/ cover combination.

Q: Can I use your diaper service if I don’t need diaper assistance?

A: Yes. You can provide your own diapers and receive a basic diaper prep (wash, dry, and sort) – find the diaper service only application here;or you can rent your diapers from us on the diaper rental page and opt into the diaper service after receiving your rented diapers and accessories.

Q: What diapers can I rent from you?

A: We are currently only renting diapers from the USA-based brand, Thirsties. You have three choices of diaper type: Organic all-in-ones, synthetic all-in-ones, and organic pre-folds + covers. Watch a quick video on the two main types (all-in-one and organic pre-folds) below:

synthetic all-in-one

Q: Can I volunteer for PDR?

A: Yes! We are always welcoming volunteers to help with Permanent Diaper Relief, and we have multiple volunteer opportunities to choose from. Please go to our Get Involved page to request a volunteer packet.

Q: My organization would benefit from your services, how can I contact someone regarding a partnership?

A: Please visit our partnership page to schedule a meeting regarding ways our organizations could further benefit one another.

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