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PDR has multiple remote, contactless, and in-person volunteer opportunities, just for you! Contact us to receive our virtual Volunteer Packet.

The Upcycled Diaper Project

The Upcycled Diaper Project takes old, unwanted t-shirts and upcycles them into new,  efficient reusable diapers. Participate in the movement by hosting a t-shirt drive or volunteering to sew a batch of diapers.


Check out our donation page to learn how you can help keep PDR running, from financial contributions to cloth diapers to pre-loved t-shirts.


Our professional memberships provide opportunities for you to begin your cloth diaper assistance program with minimal effort and minimal up-front costs. Become an advocate, a partner, or an affiliate and have PDR handle the administrative side of your program. You’ll have all the tools you need to begin your cloth diaper assistance program journey in one place with the community support you need to succeed.

(You can also email if you have other partnership opportunities in mind).

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When families have the tools they need to succeed, they become confident in their journey.


Through education comes power. "Teach [them] to fish, and [they] eat for a lifetime."


Reusable items enlighten the household and enrich the environment.

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Family Support Membership

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