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Join our community of professional change-makers. Break the glass ceiling you’ve been working under and start growing your business or organization with help from people who know what it’s like to work in your shoes.

Maximize your time

Let PDR handle the back-end work, so you can handle the front-end work with ease.

Join a community

Collaborate, grow, and serve.

Participate in the Movement

It's a movement bringing sustainability, continuing education, and essential tools together to support and empower our community.

Save money

Your monthly membership due = 1/3 the cost of the same software and applications.

Choose the Perfect Plan

Which plan works best for you?


for collaborators


per month


for federally recognized organizations


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for individuals, businesses, or organizations not yet federally recognized


per month

Frequently asked questions

After your onboarding process, you have 30 days to cancel risk-free with a money-back guarantee (excluding your initial application fee). After your 30 days are up, you will be charged 50% of your remaining annual fee (example: if you cancel in July, you will be charged half of the months from August – December, so 2.5 months).

We tallied up the costs of our software and applications and divided them. You are paying 1/3 of what you would pay if you purchased the software, applications, and additional administration costs on your own.

Yes, unless all organizations fall under the same city or geographic area (you don’t want Jacksonville, Florida and Orlando, Florida to have the same membership – you’re serving two separate demographics).

Organizations are stunted when they have the “us” vs. “them” mentality. We have a difficult time growing when we believe our answer is the only answer, when our methods are the only methods, etc. By creating a membership for like-minded organizations and businesses to grow together, we can collaborate and be the best versions of ourselves.

We are always accepting cover letters and resumes, however we can’t promise an opportunity at this time.

PDR is an organization with a mission to empower women and families, promote self-sufficiency, and reduce the greenhouse gas footprint. Contact Us

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Family Support Membership

Become a Family Support Member, and help PDR continue our main efforts in providing a permanent diaper solution to families in your community.

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