Partner Membership Package

A personalized package for your federally recognized organization. By becoming a partner, your organization will adhere to PDR’s cloth diaper assistance guidelines with the flexibility of maintaining and developing additional programs and/or partnerships.

Take a load off...

As a member, Permanent Diaper Relief will administer the following duties for your organization’s Cloth Diaper Assistance program:

  • Build forms and surveys in regards to the Diaper Assistance program applications, for your organization, through Permanent Diaper Relief’s form builder application
  • Provide the inventory application software
  • Manage the incoming families as they proceed with the application process and requirements (if applicable to your organization)
  • Provide and manage the continuing education platforms for use and care of cloth diapers (within PDR’s PEP Talks program)
  • Manage the cloth diaper forums within the PEP Talks program
  • Provide a “” domain, redirecting your families to the shared Permanent Diaper Relief website.
  • Provide a “ PDR-location” web page, with information regarding your organization, including (but not limited to):
    • Mission and values
    • History 
    • Site location
    • Contact information
    • Donation locations
    • Application forms 
  • Domain-specific email address
  • Branded marketing material
  • Your organization + “Powered By PDR” logo

Join the Community

Every partner and affiliate joins the community of like-minded change-makers in an effort to collaborate, adjust, and serve.

  • Unlimited collaboration with PDR, partners, and affiliates among the PDR University platform
    • Discussion forums
    • Continuing education
    • Helpful documents, data, & additional literature to share with your community
  • Customer access to PEP Talks (launching at the end of September 2021)
    • Caregiver education for cloth diaper use and care + additional continuing education
    • Collaboration, monitored and guided by professionals.
    • Forums 
  • Administrative support
  • Committee meetings

Partner Membership Pricing

Partner Membership Application

In an effort to ensure all future members are aligned with PDR’s vision, mission, and goals, we have an extensive application process before on-boarding new members. Please apply below. We will contact you within three weeks of your application with next steps or additional required information.

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