Menstrual Hygiene Initiative

Each menstrual cup replaces 528 tampons in its lifespan.
Courtesy of Diva Cares.


One menstrual cup, made from medical grade silicone, replaces 528 tampons and lasts 12+ months if properly cared for, so you can rest easy knowing you’re contributing to a healthy menstrual option.

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Take Back Your Day

Keep your menstrual cup in for up to 12 hours,  so you can take control of your day, regardless of your period’s plans.

Support Us

Just $10 a month means 6 women permanently covered during their menstrual cycles. $10 a month is the difference between six women at home due to lack of adequate hygiene versus active engagement at school or at work.

Supporting our local families

We support local families to ensure a safe, nurturing, healthy environment for now and for the future.

Menstrual Cup Application

Save yourself from buying up to 528 tampons.


(ps: did you know one menstrual cup use is the equivalent to using 3 large tampons?)

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