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Empowering women and families, promoting self sufficiency, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions

Madelaine Martin


Madelaine has an undergraduate degree from the University of Massachusetts and attended Oklahoma State University where she completed the graduate program in Teaching, Learning, and Leadership. She currently holds a position as an administrative consultant for her own consulting agency.

Madelaine founded Permanent Diaper Relief in 2020 after witnessing the overwhelming stress of diaper disparity during the first few weeks of the Covid-19 pandemic. After finding resources to donate 400 cloth diapers to 40 babies within 3 weeks, she realized a permanent diaper solution was a necessity to families far beyond the pandemic. Madelaine’s vision for the organization is large, and she believes with the right team and the right support, her vision is far from impossible


Jaime Kasishke


Jaime is a first time mom and personal trainer at Lifetime Fitness. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science from Truman State University. Jaime organized a team of employees at Lifetime fitness in 2019 for Strength in Numbers Initiative, gained financial support for St. Jude’s Ride for a Reason from 2016 to 2019, and organized The Big Event in 2008 to 2011 for residents and small business owners. Raised by a single parent with four siblings, she understands first-hand what a difference stretching a dollar can make to a household.  During free moments, she can be found working out or playing with her pup.

Haley McCord


Haley graduated from the University of Arkansas with a business degree and works in accounting. She is happily married and is a mom of one. She loves to spend time with her family and enjoys exercising. Haley is looking forward to contributing to PDR’s vision and goals of assisting families in need while being environmentally conscious.

Angelique Giddings

Board Member

Angelique moved to Oklahoma 20 years ago from the small town of Okriftel, Germany. Since her arrival to the states, she has received her Early Childhood degree, she has become a wife and mother to three, and she has started her career as an early childhood educator. Angelique began working at Growing Kidz CDC in 2005, where she continues to pursue her passion for the healthy development of Tulsa’s youth. Angelique has been an active member of the German-American society, and has taught various German language classes. Angelique uses her free time to engage with her family and tend to her small family farm. Angelique is looking forward to contributing to PDR’s services and bettering the environment.

Brooke Long

Board Member

a wife juggling a house full of boys while enjoying a career as a cosmetologist and dance teacher. Working at a sustainable hair salon in Tulsa has sparked a passion in Brooke for making simple life changes to help better the environment. With two little ones in diapers at once, Brooke knows first hand the financial burden of diapers on a family. She was immediately amazed at the huge impact Permanent Diaper Relief has made for families struggling to provide for their babies. PDR’s sustainability efforts hooked Brooke on the mission of PDR from the moment she heard about the organization. Brooke hopes to help PDR reach more families and continue to grow the numbers of babies permanently diapered while serving on their board.

Madeleine Ryan

Board Member

Madeleine is passionate about helping youth discover their own capabilities. She has been working in Higher Education for the last six years as a college recruiter and admissions counselor. Previously, she worked for three years as a Behavioral Therapist for youth aged 2-18. She earned her Bachelor’s degrees in Psychology and French from Smith College and her Master’s in Social Work from the University of Michigan. She is passionate about helping give back to the community. She has long-term volunteer experience with Habitat for Humanity,and Hope House Memphis. Additionally, she volunteered as a team lead at Smith College. I am not currently volunteering with any other organizations. As a soon to be single mother by choice (SMBC), she is interested in helping increase awareness of the programming and resources available at PDR on a national scale. Her interest is in joining the programming and networking committees and helping develop additional educational webinars for other SMBCs.

Jacqueline Lynn

Board Member

Jacque is a 6th grade math teacher in Denver, Colorado. She graduated from Oklahoma State University with her Bachelors in Elementary Education. Jacque taught 5th grade for one year in Bartlesville, Oklahoma before moving her career to Colorado. At her current school, Jacque is also the grade-level chair for her team and a member of the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion council. In years past, Jacque volunteered for her district’s Undocumented Student Task Force and their Crisis Relief Fund. Within the USTF and CRF, she helped raise and distribute money and other resources for families who needed support when COVID-19 effected the community. Jacque is thrilled to work with PDR because of the impact it has for our most vulnerable communities and the impact it has on the environment.

Our mission, vision, and values

Our mission

Our mission with every PDR program is to empower women and families, promote self-sufficiency, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Our Vision

A thriving environment for families and individuals through birth, menstruation, and parenthood.

A Value

Women and children are at the forefront of every effort..

A Value

Reusing and recycling products is imperative to a healthy future

A Value

Women and families deserve clean and healthy essential items.

A Value

We take pride in re-inventive methods that reduce our carbon footprint.

A Value

Diversity and inclusion allows for a safe space among all community members. PDR does not discriminate based on religion, race, gender, or sexual preference

A Value

Effective parenting can only take place once basic needs are met

Supporting our local families

We support local families to ensure a safe, nurturing, healthy environment for now and for the future.

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