Our partners help PDR spread our sustainable and educational efforts beyond Oklahoma by implementing selected programs within their own organizations.

PDR Chicago

Gifts from Liam is a charitable organization in Chicago, Illinois, currently implementing its own programs as well as PDR’s Diaper Support program, Emergency Diaper Assistance. Learn more about its educational and diaper assistance outreaches on their PDR Chicago webpage.

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Membership Packages

You, too, can implement PDR programs in your community by becoming a PDR member. There are many package options to choose from, each unique to your goals as a business or organization. In order to be approved membership status, you must complete the Cloth Diaper Assistance course as well as have a set of mission, vision, and values that correspond with our own.

Start your Own Program

Don’t feel it necessary to become a PDR partner, but want to initiate your own cloth diaper program? Take the free course on establishing your own cloth diaper program.

Our mission, vision, and values

Our mission

Our mission with every PDR program is to empower women and families, promote self-sufficiency, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Our Vision

A thriving environment for families and individuals through birth, menstruation, and parenthood.

A Value

Women and children are at the forefront of every effort..

A Value

Reusing and recycling products is imperative to a healthy future

A Value

Women and families deserve clean and healthy essential items.

A Value

We take pride in re-inventive methods that reduce our carbon footprint.

A Value

Diversity and inclusion allows for a safe space among all community members. PDR does not discriminate based on religion, race, gender, or sexual preference

A Value

Effective parenting can only take place once basic needs are met

Supporting our local families

We support local families to ensure a safe, nurturing, healthy environment for now and for the future.

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Family Support Membership

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