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All requests will be held on a waitlist

Introducing 4 private offices and a co-working lobby, perfect for start-up businesses, businesses who need extra (and secure) storage, and individuals who just need a place to work without distractions!

Starting at just $10 a day for co-working space, $200 a month for a private office, and a free kids corner for when you can’t find childcare, you’ll be sure to put your money where it counts!

Types of Co-Working and Office Spaces

Co-working space

Daily: $10/ day
Monthly: $50/ month

Available after 10/ 15

You will be able to work in our lobby, take advantage of our coffee station, and eat some free snacks. We have free wifi & comfortable, flexible seating for all types of workers.

Book our Entire Lobby

Daily: $100/ day
Hourly: $40/ hour

Available after 10/ 15

Use the lounge area in our lobby to conduct classes or meetings with a cozier, more relaxing feel than our conference room.

Conference Room

Daily: $25/ hour*

Available now!

Need a private place to conduct a meeting? We have you covered!

Utilize our space for:

  • small classes
  • conferences
  • one-on-one meetings
  • virtual events

*10 hours of conference time included in private office spaces.

Private offices

8 x 10: $200/ month
10 x 12: $250/ month

Three spaces available!

All the benefits of the co-working space, plus:

  • a secured office with a private key to your office.
  • Flexibility to do what you want within your 4 walls (paint, hang pictures, add shelving, etc.)

Book your Office or Monthly Coworking Space

You will be provided the space for a 24 hour period.


4235 Southwest Blvd., Tulsa Oklahoma 74107

We are located in the Crystal City Shopping Center, along with Moving Forward Safe Place, Arnold’s Hamburgers, Tamale Boys, Save More, Vape Shop, Route 66 Avenue, Family Dollar, Dollar General, HR Block, and more!

We are conveniently located right off the 2-44 highway and only 10 minutes from almost everything in Tulsa.

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