PEP Talk Series Demo

PEP Talk Series: A Demo

Do you have expert knowledge in a particular area of your profession? We’re continuously looking for experts in their field to provide content for our PEP Talk Series – an educational portal launching on October 4 for parents and caregivers. Our target demographic for this series is caregivers with children under eight, and it is geared toward individuals who may not be able to afford a service you offer otherwise. View the invitation to become a PEP Talk Series expert with the link below for more information on our goal with this program.

Additional Content

Want to be creative with your video? Here’s a list of video styles you can consider, with software suggestions to effectively conquer your video content (don’t feel obligated to get this fancy, but it’s here for the taking). 

You don’t have to have just one piece of downloadable content. Maybe you want your viewers to have a copy of your slide presentation, but you also want to provide them with a worksheet. Great! you can add some content here (“Additional Content”) with a description and a button/ link to the material.

Downloadable Content

The content below is a PDF and an example of downloadable content; it is also a short workbook to help begin the brainstorming process of your topic.

Professional Information

Your Name

Professional title & entity you’re representing.

This is your biography, where individuals will learn all the credentials that make you an expert in your field, including your current contact information so families can request further (free or paid) services. Feel free to add your rates here as well if you require service or product fees (see “copy of slides” link above for more info). 

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