PEP Talk Series

A Parent Education Portal for parents and caregivers of children under eight.
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About the PEP Talk Series

The PEP Talk Series will be a collection of free “classrooms” managed by local and national organizations. Each classroom will have a specific topic, and will dive into important information and provide important resources for continuous learning.



For example:

PDR will “own” the cloth diaper classroom, and provide one-page courses within that classroom to help parents and caregivers find bite-sized, consumable information regarding cloth diapers. Each one-page course will be published only by professionals and experts in their field.


In addition to the one-pages courses offered, there will be areas for parents to ask questions and increase their knowledge on the topic. The organization managing the classroom will manage the discussions and questions posed in the class.

Organization Involvement

Are you a professional within a business or organization interested in participating in the PEP Talk Series? We would love to include you, and your community, in our efforts! Please email PDR to suggest a classroom, to learn more about our efforts through the PEP Talk Series, or to request access to our demo page with additional information regarding requirements and visions.

Launch date

PEP Talk Series is expected to launch early February, 2022 – March, 2022. We are in the process of collecting classroom courses and collaborating with other organizations to make this the most beneficial resource hub for families around the country.

Supporting our local families

We support local families to ensure a safe, nurturing, healthy environment for now and for the future.

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