Permanent Diaper Relief
Tulsa, Oklahoma

How can Permanent Diaper Relief help you?

Our programs

We want to support you from birth to menstruation to parenthood.

By providing tools to encourage empowerment and to promote self-sufficiency, our team puts the power back into your hands.

Diaper Support

Providing you with 10 or 40 FREE washable & reusable diapers, while saving you an average of $80 per month on disposables.



Diaper Rentals & Service

Rent your brand new cloth diapers at a fraction of retail cost, and pay just $10 per month while you use them… for however long you’d like to use them.


Have PDR wash your diapers so you don’t have to (Tulsa County). Once per week or twice per week pick-up available.


Diaper Deep-Clean

Problems with absorbency, smell, or residue build-up? You may need to have your diapers deep-cleaned. Learn how to do it at home, or have PDR do it for you.



The Upcycled Diaper Project

Turning unwanted t-shirts and other household items into diaper flats.


The PEP Talk Series

Continuing education for parents, including everything from cloth diaper use and care, to safe sleep, to child psychology.



Coming Soon

Menstrual Hygiene Initiative

Giving individuals who menstruate an opportunity for healthy, sustainable menstrual products that are easier on the environment.



Our Mission

our programs are derived from a mission to empower women and families, promote self-sufficiency, and reduce the greenhouse gas footprint.

The Upcycled Diaper Project

It’s important for Permanent Diaper Relief to continue its efforts in diapering every bottom that comes through our virtual doors, so we came up with a solution: upcycled diapers. We receive a number of t-shirts and household items through t-shirt drives within our community. Once we receive a number of new and pre-loved items, we cut up the t-shirts, sew them together, and turn them into diaper flats. All we need are a few diaper covers to go with each upcycled diaper set, and we are able to continue our efforts – regardless of our pre-loved diaper inventory.

Do you have pre-loved diapers sitting in your attic? Do you have a closet of t-shirts that needs to be cleaned out? Maybe you have $10 to spare for the Women’s Hygiene Initiative. Donate today and help us continue our efforts.

Donation Locations

We have donation locations disbursed around Tulsa to make donating convenient for you. Take a look at our donation locations to see which location is closest.

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Family Support Membership

Become a Family Support Member, and help PDR continue our main efforts in providing a permanent diaper solution to families in your community.

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