Diaper Need Awareness Week Fundraiser

September 21-September 27, 2020
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Diaper Need Awareness Week Fundraising Raffle

Help us spread the word for Diaper Need Awareness Week through our one-week fundraising raffle, beginning September 21 and ending September 27. Throughout the week, we will be raffling off gift baskets, discussing who we are and what we do, and interviewing experts in health and wellness, cloth diapers, local business, and the environment.

Here’s how you can participate:

  1. Buy entries by clicking the button below or texting ‘diaperneed’ to 855-202-2100
  2. Follow us on the facebook site (link below) as we celebrate the gift baskets; talk about diaper need in the community; chat with local experts regarding health and wellness, sustainability, and cloth diapers; and discuss ways PDR is on a mission to help local families.
  3. Share your efforts, and our fundraiser, on social media.

DNAW Interviews

Watch interviews of experts in their field, from Colorado to Canada and back to Tulsa, on YouTube or listen on Spotify (below).

Dr. Fallon Long

Bailey Bouwman

Natalie Mallory

David Merrill

Lindsay Jordan