Sustainable Services

Our diaper programs and our Menstrual Hygiene Initiative are two ways PDR supports our local community.
We provide clean, hygienic options that permanently eliminate basic need disparity.

Menstrual Hygiene Initiative

Our Menstrual Hygiene Initiative provides one menstrual cup to individuals with periods, which eliminates three large tampons per day and 528 tampons in the lifespan of the cup.

Diaper Programs

We have a variety of diaper programs to fit every family on any budget.



Our Diaper Support program provides 10 or 40 free reusable diapers with application and proof of residency, proof of income, and proof of child.


Our Diaper Rentals program provides brand-new diapers at a fraction of the retail cost, with a $10 tax-deductible monthly fee to hold onto them. Once you return your rented diapers to us, they will go into our Diaper Support program.


Our Diaper Service program provides Tulsa residents with pick-up, laundry, and delivery once or twice a week. Families can provide their own diapers, either purchased independently or rented through PDR, or they can utilize our Upcycled Diaper Service, which uses diaper flats made from t-shirts.


Families can apply for an income-based service by providing proof of income and proof of child to Once the service fee has been determined, the family will receive a code to include at check out.

Our Upcycled Diaper Project converts unwanted t-shirts and other household items into diaper absorbency. This program saves an average of $240 per baby, and eliminates resource production by 87%.

Support Us

Just $10 a month means 1.5 emergency diaper assistance kits a year, or 6 women permanently covered during their menstrual cycles. $10 a month is the difference between a clean bottom and a dirty bottom at the end of a pay period; $10 a month is the difference between six women at home due to lack of adequate hygiene versus active engagement at school or at work.

Supporting our local families

We support local families to ensure a safe, nurturing, healthy environment for now and for the future.

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