The Upcycled Diaper Project

Reusable Diapers, Sustainably.

Turning unwanted t-shirts into reusable diapers.

Household Item v. Diaper Count

#household item# diapersand/or# wipes
60t-shirts1 week of changesand120
1receiving blanket1or36

Our Process

Permanent Diaper Relief turns unwanted t-shirts into diaper absorbency, allowing all babies to have clean and healthy bottoms until toilet training. We use 4 dimensions, dependent on the t-shirt size, to maximize fabric usage from each t-shirt.

How You Can Help

  • Donate your unwanted t-shirts
  • Consider PDR for your next sewing project
  • Get your local community involved – this is a great start-to-finish project for your home-economics class or your next volunteer drive.

The Endless Movement

The Pennsylvania Project: A classroom in Pennsylvania joins our Up-cycled Diaper Project by gathering absorbent household items, cutting the material, and sewing the cut material into diapers and wipes. The finished product is then sent to PDR for our Tulsa families to utilize and then pass down to the next generation of diapered babies.

Join our movement

Fill out the form below to begin the Up-Cycled Diaper Project in your community.

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