The Upcycled Diaper Project

Reusable Diapers, Sustainably.

Turning unwanted t-shirts into reusable diapers.

Our Process

Permanent Diaper Relief turns unwanted t-shirts into diaper absorbency, allowing all babies to have clean and healthy bottoms until toilet training. We use 4 dimensions, dependent on the t-shirt size, to maximize fabric usage from each t-shirt.

Household Items

Household items and how they convert into diaper flats.

1 week of changes and 120 wipes

two diapers and six wipes

two diapers and 12 wipes

four diapers or 36 wipes

one diaper or 36 wipes

How you can help

  • Donate your unwanted t-shirts
  • Consider PDR for your next sewing project
  • Get your local community involved – this is a great start-to-finish project for your home-economics class or your next volunteer drive.

Questions? Get in Touch

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