Emergency Diaper Assistance

As you can probably guess by the name, Emergency Diaper Assistance is for emergency situations.


It’s an option for families who:


  • need diapers right away
  • might struggle toward the end of the month and need a few diapers to get them through to the next pay check
  • need some time to gather the additional required documents for Permanent Diaper Assistance.


Emergency Diaper Assistance could also be a great option for organizations who might not have the capacity to provide permanent assistance to individuals but would like to offer a cloth diaper option.


Some key points about Emergency Diaper Assistance:


1. Enough diapers to last one day of changes

Emergency Diaper Assistance provides 10 diapers per baby. A quantity of 10 diapers allows the family to have enough diapers for a day of diaper changes, plus one small load of laundry per night.


2. Only one documentation requirement

Emergency Diaper Assistance only requires proof of child in order to receive diapers.


3. Quick turn-around time

Families receive 24-48 hours from submitted application.