Women’s Hygiene Initiative

Women's* Hygiene Initiative

Giving women the power to live a healthy and sustainable life; all day, every day, forever.

*our definition of a woman includes all individuals who menstruate.

Menstrual Cups by Diva Cares

Free, because women don’t need to pay for nature’s gifts.

Curious how menstrual cups work?



One DivaCup, made from medical grade silicone, lasts 12+ months if properly cared for, so you can rest easy knowing you're contributing to a healthy menstrual option.


Keep your DivaCup in for up to 12 hours (click the "learn more" button above for details), so you can take control of your day, regardless of your cycle's plans.

Easy to use

Watch the videos (click "learn more" to watch video tutorials) to learn how to easily insert and remove your DivaCup.

Menstrual Cup Application

PDR’s distribution of menstrual cups is made possible by DivaCup’s DivaCares foundation. Contact us for questions regarding our Women’s Hygiene Initiative and menstrual cup distribution process. 

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