Permanent Diaper Relief

Empowering families through reusable diapers and a diaper cleaning service.

About Us

Who We Are

Permanent Diaper Relief is a charitable organization providing economic savings and reducing greenhouse emissions for Oklahoma families, eliminating 3,000 pounds of landfill waste, minimizing 99% of diaper resources, and saving $2,880 of diaper expenses per child.

About Us

What We Do

Diapers. Permanent Diaper Relief provides reusable diapers through diaper assistance (enough to last one week of diaper changes), diaper rentals, and diaper purchases. Our sustainable approach allows for minimal costs to last until toilet training, ensuring every baby has a clean diaper – regardless of family income. Because our diapers are reusable, one set of diapers can be worn by up to four generations of babies.

Cleaning Service. Both the Diaper Assistance Program and the Diaper Rental program are compatible with our diaper service, which is based on a free to sliding-scale fee model. It’s the perfect solution for families who are overwhelmed with another load of laundry each week, or for families who do not have an accessible laundry facility.

Upcycled Materials. At Permanent Diaper Relief, we go beyond just taking advantage of reusable diapers; PDR has up-cycled pre-loved t-shirts into absorbent reusable diaper inserts and reusable wipes. These are a zero-waste alternative to prefolds, flats, and disposable wipes.


2020 Outcomes

April 2020 – December 2020

Babies served91
Diapers provided2,440
Diapers saved from landfill189,240*
Economic savings$158,400.00*
Environmental savings273,000 lb.*
*Cumulative average savings from birth to toilet training through combined diaper programs

How You Can Help

Send Donation or Give your Stash

Giving online has never been more secure, convenient or hassle-free. With our online donation platform, you have the flexibility to donate what’s right for you. We also do accept Amazon gifts and absorbent household materials (which we turn into up-cycled diapers)

One diaper stash of forty cloth diapers can cover 4+ generations of baby bums. Your donation can make all the difference.

Become a Volunteer

We have multiple remote, contactless, and in-person opportunities for you to get involved with Permanent Diaper Relief. from sewing t-shirts into diapers in the comfort of your own home to advocating for our organization at local events, Permanent Diaper Relief looks forward to having you as part of our volunteer team.

Become a Member

Interested in supporting PDR? We invite you to become a committee member. Email info@permanentdiaperrelief.org for more information on joining our team.


What People Say

The service is great and the impact is so environmentally and baby friendly.


[PDR] was super helpful in acquiring our gently used stash, and walking us through using them with our daughter. It has been such a easy transition from disposable diapers!



Recent Causes

COVID-19 Pandemic

In the beginning stages of the COVID-19 Pandemic, many families were unable to afford and/or find diapers in the grocery store aisles. Founder of PDR, Madelaine Martin, donated almost 400 diapers to families in crisis, thanks to the community’s contribution of gently-used cloth diapers and monetary donations. Each child received 10 diapers, which was enough for a day’s worth of diaper changing and one small load of laundry per night. Because her last outreach impacted so many lives in the Tulsa community, Martin was fueled to continue these efforts in the form of the nonprofit organization, Permanent Diaper Relief.

Diaper Need Awareness Week 2020

The National Diaper Bank advocates for Diaper Need Awareness Week each September, intending to educate the community about diaper need in the USA and rallying up similar organizations to promote diaper assistance throughout the country. From September 21 to September 27 2020, Permanent Diaper Relief hosted a week-long event to educate the Tulsa community about diaper need, cloth diapers, and how our organization permanently ends the diaper need through cloth diapers.

To view our interview line-up and listen to entrepreneurs and experts in their field about diapers, sustainability, and the environment, check out the event page:

Become a Volunteer

If you are interested in one of our many volunteer opportunities, check out our Volunteer Page and request our Volunteer Resources Packet to learn more.